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Building Inspection Council

Building inspection services

Why Building Inspection Service Is Important


Building inspection services are done, either while buying a new property, selling an existing property, periodical checks, or after a natural calamity. The investments done in a building or property is one of the biggest expenditures of our life. 

Every individual before making an investment should get the building inspection service, it can save you from making a loss on a bad property or if the property is worth the amount then you would be relieved for the rest of your life that you have made a good purchase.

Many people after making a purchase realize that they have bought a property with flaws, which the person did not see while purchasing the property. There are many defects in the property, which can be seen by a proficient and trained building inspector, a layman would not be able to detect.

A good reputed, certified consists building inspection company of qualified, experienced, skilled individuals with specialized knowledge. These companies carry out inspections in the residential as well as the corporate sector.

A building inspection is a wide subject, which includes pest inspection, litigation reports, expert witness, quality control, pre-purchase inspections, etc. They are equipped with the latest instruments and up-to-date techniques to help you live a secure and healthy life in your pest-free residence and office.

Building inspectors inspect the structure of the building, design, moist inside building, mold spores, fungus, interior, and exterior areas, plumbing issues, handrails, staircase, roof, bathrooms, kitchen, electricity supply, leakages, supporting walls, gate, windows, and doors.

Whether the property is old or new the inspection is done in a similar manner and the inspection reports are also similar. If the inspection is being carried out at a new property the recommendations would be on whether the property is worth the investment or not. In the case of an old house, the recommendation would be to eradicate the menace and preserve the property for current use as well as for future use.


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